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Release the

If you want different results,
don’t keep o repeating yourself

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We are your product design and engineering team

To help you design an innovative new product we liberate creativity

Efficient design
A product that will work effectively and efficiently
Design project proposition
An attractive product which will fulfill the value proposition
Industrial design
Its production and development effort will be contained

The driving force behind our creativity is experimentation

As a result, our product invention cycle is based on the tenets of design, test, and change until we have transformed an idea into a valuable product. In order to speed up the process we have a Virtual Lab, which comprises a set of simulation tools, combined with real tests when necessary.

Our inventiveness has been recognised

Over the last few years the companies we have worked with have registered more than 6 patents for our designs. These include the following.

We are committed to speeding up product development

This is why we follow the key principles of the AGILE methodology,

Product design development
Prioritising the delivery of tests which demonstrate the product value which has been achieved, over exhaustive documentation.
Product design project
Responding to the project changes over following a fixed plan.
User design
Prioritising people’s needs over established processes.
Industrial collaboration
Collaboration over closed contracts.

What they say about us

  • Thanks to the technical knowledge and creativity of Magrana’s team we have turned our product around, by exploring other solutions which we hope will enable us to reduce the current costs of the product by 75%.

    Núria Noguera, Directora de R+D, Tecnologia Regenerativa Qrem S.L.
  • When I presented my idea to create a bracket that would let dentists change and individualise movements, I knew the great difficulty and challenge it involved, because there was nothing on the market with that level of miniaturisation. Magrana managed to shape the idea and provide solutions to the requirements, allowing us to obtain the Programmable Bracket.

    Enrique Solano Reina, Catedrático de Ortodoncia, Universidad de Sevilla.
  • The advantages of working with Magrana are clearly innovative solutions to mechanical, thermal and fluid dynamic design problems, and their integration to achieve compact and functional solutions related to energy storage systems. With the advantage of a strong focus on parts and solutions that are subsequently manufacturable, scalable and marketable. Flexibility and speed in proposing new ideas.

    Beatriz Ruiz Castelló, Phd Chemical Engineer, Head of Electrochemical Unit, JOFEMAR, S.A.
  • The idea of producing a ski boot that was lighter, more comfortable, easy to walk in and as effective as a traditional ski boot haunted my mind for a long time. It would just have been an idea were it not for the ability of Josep Buisan and the Magrana team to interpret it and together make it a plausible reality; a reality that can become a real revolution. I’m convinced we’ll see it on the market.

    Dr. Joan Garcia – Alsina

    Our team

    We are provocative, inquiring, constantly curious, willing to challenge accepted ideas, and above all passionate about what we do.

      • Josep Buisan

        Industrial engineer
      • Laura Nieto

        Industrial design engineer
      • Bàrbara Batlle

        Industrial and product design engineer
      • Josep Buisan

        Industrial engineer

        It’s like Victor Hugo said: what leads and drags the world are not machines, but ideas. For this Barcelona native with an Ibizan soul, going beyond what is visible to the eye to analyse the different paths that might lead to a possible solution is an exciting game in which one should dive in headfirst.

      • Laura Nieto

        Industrial design engineer

        If she had been Penelope she would have gone looking for Ulysses…if she had wanted to. Challenges are meant to be overcome. It could be the design of a mechanism, an impossible shape or a new business. In search of these challenges she came from the Castilian plateau to the edge of the Mediterranean, to find a rough sea where opportunities are meant to be taken advantage of.

      • Bàrbara Batlle

        Industrial and product design engineer

        A young designer, finds inspiration from watching the endless and endlessly changing sea. However, rather than staying on land, she prefers to take to sea and sail following the course set by the winds and the tides. Her search for answers was what first sparked her interest in engineering, and her consequent desire to maintain design control throughout the product development lifecycle. As the saying goes “A seafaring woman always knows which direction the wind is blowing”.


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