Why are we your ideal product design team?

Whether you have detected an unsolved necessity in the market or you have a product you would like to improve, we have the knowledge, the tools and the methodology to respond to your challenge.
  • Design

    We propose ideas, evaluate concepts and apply the necessary engineering to develop products and prepare them for manufacturing.

  • Improvement

    We can improve your products to make them more efficient, more attractive and more expressive while leveraging design to reduce manufacturing costs.

  • Virtual testing

    If you need to improve or control your product’s functional or security aspects, we carry out the necessary numeric simulations to reproduce these trials virtually

    Magrana’s Proposal

    • We create a Product Pile with each participating actor in the project and their requirements and relate these to the value that they represent in the project. This way, we can identify priority requirements.
    • We establish a Product Roadmap, set priorities and group requirements that need solving into smaller projects to solve, complete and add value to the product.
    • In each Iteration, we design solutions and test them virtually to drastically reduce technical uncertainty and carry out prototype tests and real trials.
    • In the Product Test, we experiment to answer all existing questions until we achieve the necessary results to evaluate the added value in each step of the project and collect feedback from all involved actors.
    • We group all the Information Obtained throughout testing to reevaluate the preset priorities and add or remove requirements.

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